The criteria of which the final cost of a translation is calculated are many. Each document we receive for translation is individually evaluated, depending on:

The prices are calculated depending on the number of pages of the translated document. The page contains 2000 characters, including spaces. If the number of characters of a document is smaller than 2000, it will be rated as a standard page. Also, standard documents are calculated per page.

In order to proofread and correct documents translated by third parties, a certain percentage from the value of the translation rates will be paid, depending on the quality of the text.

The price for interpreting varies depending on the source language and the target language, the level of difficulty of the speech, the duration and the location. For the interpreting service, you will have to schedule beforehand.

We offer customized discounts for our loyal customers and partners. Even if you work with us for the first time, but you have a large number of pages to translate, you shall benefit from a substantial discount.

The rate is variable depending on the degree of complexity.
The rate is expressed per page of 2000 characters, including spaces. The page is indivisible.
For urgency translations, the additional fee is 50% up to 100% of the price(subject to customer approval). A translation is considered an urgency translations if it has the deadline on the order day or the work load exceeds 20 pages per day.
Interpreting services are paid per hour, the hour being indivisible.