We offer translations made by experienced translators, authorized by the Ministry of Justice, competitive prices, quick answers and we focus on respecting the deadlines. We also offer proofreading and correction (collation) services for translations made by third parties.

We can deliver your documents anywhere in the country and abroad. In order to save time and financial resources, we can also send you the translations by electronic means.

An additional service is the authentication of the translations, at your request, without any additional fees.

The printing service is included in the translation price, both in case of authenticated translations, as well as other translations that the customer is requesting.

The purpose of our services is the continuous satisfaction of the customer by communicating. Thus, we focus on quality control by choosing translators specialized in specific fields, the use of glossaries and specialized dictionaries, both on the Internet, as well as edited. In a competitive society, we differentiate by offering short deadlines, efficient communication and quality services. Cabinetul de Traduceri offers professional translations and interpreting services in/ from most of international languages.

We assure you that we will safely guard the confidentiality of your documents and data.